You: hi
Stranger: hey
You: asl
Stranger: 22 female LA
Stranger: u
You: 19 male Poland
Stranger: poland? isn't that in Russia?
You: now, it is near Russia, exactly beetwen Russia and Germany
You: no*
Stranger: oh ok, ever been to america?
You: no:(
Stranger: you should, best country ever
Stranger: ;)
You: and have you ever been in europe?
Stranger: europe? I dunno, I've been to france
You: France is in Europe
You: Europe is a continent
Stranger: oh really? than I guess I have been there :)
Stranger: so what is the capital of europe?
You: europe hasn't got capital, i told europe is a continent like america
Stranger: but America is a country
You: i don't talking about USA
You: i'm talking about america- USA+ Canada
You: big island :D
Stranger: lol
You: do you know how many continets are at the world?
Stranger: post structural theories since michel foucault's "the archeaology of knowledge" clearly state that the nation state is a mere social construct
You: you are too stupid for me, be